Global Economic Forum G20 initiative summit at London – 9th September 2023

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With the Delegation from G20 Countries. Global Economic Forum G20 Summit attracted Industry, Academic, Political, NGOs, and Celebrities to discuss possible collaborations between G20 Countries. Please join the “GLOBAL ECONOMIC FORUM G20 INITIATIVE SUMMIT AWARD FUNCTION”.

GLOBAL ECONOMIC FORUM BELIEF: The world’s most influential political, commercial, cultural, educational, and other leaders come together at the Global Economic Forum to set global, regional, and industry agendas. Our forum attempts to demonstrate how entrepreneurship benefits society as a whole while upholding the highest standards of moral, intellectual, and governmental integrity. The best aspects of different organisations, including those from the public and private sectors, non-governmental organisations, and academic institutions, are carefully balanced and combined in our forum. We believe that change can be created by bringing together individuals from all walks of life that are driven and committed to making a difference in the world. We do this by teaming with leaders in industry, government, and civil society to develop regional, national, and international agendas.

BALI SUMMIT IDEA: As the G20 Bali summit came to an end on 16th November 2022 Indonesia handed over the G20 presidency to India for the next year. India officially takes over G20 Presidency from December 1, 2022, till November 30, 2023. Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi took over the presidency and said, “It’s a matter of pride for every citizen in India”. We at the Global Economic Forum have started the G 20 India Journey in Bali 2023 on 24-26th Jan and celebrating the 74th Republic Day of India in Bali Indonesia with all G20 Countries Delegation.

The next Journey of Global Economic Forum with G20 Initiatives happens in London on 9th September 2023.

This exclusive event aims to recognize and celebrate the extraordinary achievements of exceptional individuals who have made a significant impact on a global scale. The Global Icon Award is a testament to your remarkable contributions and influential presence in your field. As one of the most esteemed recognitions worldwide, this award serves to honour your outstanding accomplishments and the lasting legacy you have created. By attending this illustrious ceremony, you will have the opportunity to:

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Connect with distinguished individuals: Network with fellow recipients of the Global Icon Award, renowned industry leaders, influential personalities, and representatives from various sectors, creating opportunities for collaboration and inspiring future endeavours.

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We kindly request that you complete your registration earlier to ensure your participation in this remarkable ceremony. We understand the significance of this event and the profound impact your presence will have on the evening’s proceedings. If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated event team at [contact information]. We are here to assist you and provide any necessary support. Thank you for considering our invitation to the Global Economic Forum- G20 Initiative Summit and Global Icon Award Ceremony. We eagerly anticipate your registration and look forward to welcoming you to this extraordinary event at the House of Lords UK Parliament in London, on 9th September 2023.

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